Pick Your Own Strawberries, Sweet and Juicy

Adventure #45: Pick Your Own Strawberries, Sweet and Juicy.

It’s strawberry season! One of our favourite June rituals is to go strawberry-picking with our boys. In Burlington there are a few choices of U-Pick strawberry farms nearby.

Spring was late this year and so are the berries. When we heard that Uncle Scott’s Farm had finally opened for berry picking, we loaded the kids in the car and headed up Appleby Line.

One of the best parts of berry season abracadabra im up like viagra is getting to personally pick each strawberry from the vine.

Uncle Scott's Farm Pick Your Own Strawberries

We were greeted with a smile and were directed where to pick in the fields.

Welcome to Uncle Scott's Farm

My twin brother, his wife and baby from Oakville joined us for an extended family adventure!

Baby Burlington and his auntie pause for a photo in the field.

Resisting the urge to sample

I spent some time instructing Jr Burlington how to find and pick the best berries. I explained the common mistakes to avoid: picking strawberries that are too ripe, strawberries that are too dry, and berries that look good but have no flavour. I explained that while large “king berries” look most enticing, small berries are often the most flavourful.

Wearing strawberry red

Nothing beats the taste of local strawberries in season. It is a sure sign that summer and sunshine is here to stay.

Big basket full!

Picking strawberries off the pomegranate juice viagra plant for an hour in the afternoon made for a “sweet” little family outing and was a great way to show our kids where food comes from (and it’s not a plastic container).

Looking for King berries

Strawberries have a “counter life” of four to six zantac with viagra hours so bring a cooler if you’re going to be in the car for a long time. Their “fridge life” is three or four days.

Big basket of berries

At the farm stand’s checkout, the berries were weighed, and we had amassed over 15 pounds between our two families.

Weighing the berries!

Prices at Uncle Scott’s are cialis not working for me $2.50 / lb with a 25 cent discount if you buy more than 20 lbs.

Ready for jam!

We took our berries home and ate them all over the next three days on cereal, with ice cream and with sponge cake topped with Cool Whip (my favourite)! My 6-month old nephew and his mom made strawberry jam with their haul.

A berry good adventure

To find Uncle Scott’s, take a drive up Appleby Line. Just before you get to Derry Road, you’ll find the back of the farm where the strawberry picking is. The main entrance of the farm is off of Walker’s Line.

Strawberries & Peas

Another great option for Pick Your Own Strawberries in Burlington is Hutchinson Farm at 6202 Walkers Line. Hutchinson’s hadn’t opened for “U-Pick” berries when we wanted to pick but they are open now! Frootogo in Waterdown is another option nearby as well. Springridge Farm no longer offers a Pick Your Own option but has lots of juicy, fresh picked berries for sale as well as viagra i cialis strawberry jams and baked goods.

Don’t forget about the Burlington Farmers Market for farm-fresh berries too! Read about our trip to the market in Adventure #32.

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