25 Things That Happened at the RBG Teddy Bear Picnic

Labour Day Weekend brings the annual Teddy Bear Picnic to The Laking Garden at Royal Botanical Gardens. We encountered hundreds of teddy bears picnicking all throughout the gardens. Hundreds of children came to join the picnic along with favourite “stuffies” of their own.

1. We learned that the Laking Garden name comes not because it sits on a lake, but because it is named after Dr. Leslie Laking whose work guided the development of the Royal Botanical Gardens for 65 years.

Royal Botanical Gardens Laking Garden2. Mr. Bearington led storytime — Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Teddy Bear Storytime3. We set out on a “famous bears” scavenger hunt all around the formal English gardens.

Famous bears scavenger hunt4. Seated on a garden wall, Snuggles greeted new friends.

Meet Bear

5. The “No Mow, No Blow, No H2O” garden showed us three different ways to go green. These gardens are laid out in front of charming, cutout-style cottage facades. At the foot of each one,

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a mailbox opens to display tips and plant suggestions.

No mow, No blow, No H2O6. Kids dressed up in hand-made bear ears and face-painted beary disguises.

Bear disguises7. Quincy, Quinn and Quinton said hello as we passed by their bench.

More teddy bears on a bench8. Children’s entertainers, Turkey Rhubarb, led the bears and kids in song. We learned that turkey rhubarb is a root that contains special medicinal properties and has been one of the most widely used herbs in Chinese medicine for centuries.

Turkey Rhubarb9. The boys danced with some beary pretty girls.

Teddy Bear Picnic Dancing10. Mr Tubbington challenged Mr Burlington to a Teddy Bear Toss.

Teddy Bear Toss11. Kids played giant sized tic-tac-toe.

Connect Four12. Teddy bear finger puppets were quietly crafted.

Teddy Bear Finger Puppets13. After we sang “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” we learned from Turkey Rhubarb that traditional rounds are one of the oldest forms of community singing.

Kids Sing Along14. The teddy bears invited us to join their picnic on the lawn. We brought sandwiches to share.

Sandwich Picnic15. Yogi Bear was hiding in a tree. We were reminded that he is smarter than an av-er-age bear!

Yogi Bear16. Aaron the caricaturist captured stylized portraits of young guests.

Caricature artist17. Maxwell, Morton and Maverick waved us over to join them.

Bears on a bench18. We stopped to smell the flowers along the way.

Flowers19. Mr. Bearington posed for a photo and gave a great big bear hug!

Mr. Bearington20. A BBQ offered up plenty of picnic-in-the-park fare for a nominal fee.

Teddy Bear Picnic BBQ21. Foster, Forrest and Freeman waved as we made our way to the exit.

Teddy Bear Picnic

22. Many volunteers from the 300-member RBG Auxillary made this special weekend possible.

RBG Auxillary volunteers

23. Honeybear and Ganz checked over our completed scavenger hunt form to ensure it was complete.

Teddy Bears

24. We were awarded with a bag of gummy bears for successful completion of the scavenger hunt.

Gummy bears prize

25. Some of our own best friends wave goodbye to the bears and The Laking Garden — Bunny, Bobo the monkey, Rocky the manatee (BFF), and Buffy the buffalo.

RBG Teddy Bear PicnicThe bears have asked that I cordially invite you all to join them for their annual picnic next year at the RBG. A beary good time is promised. We can bearly contain our excitement to return!

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