How to Bike Across Burlington the Easy Way

Adventure #64.

Did you know that it’s possible to cycle across our entire city almost entirely off-road? And I’m not talking about dirt trails.

There’s a wide, paved path that runs from Burloak Drive at the Oakville border all the way into the downtown core. At Spencer Smith Park, you can then connect with the Waterfront Trail to bike over to the canal at the Hamilton border and beyond into Niagara.

I wanted to make a family adventure out of this but knew it would take careful planning. We incorporated some stops at local attractions along the way to provide breaks and make the journey more fun for the kids. We also positioned a car at the halfway point so that mom and the toddler could head home early for nap time.

Start of the Multi-use PathThe trail starts with a pleasant ride through Sherwood Forest Park.

There are dozens of trails to enjoy across our city. This trail is one of two multi-use paths built along hydro corridors requirements for canadian pharmacy school in Burlington. The other difference between cialis and viagra trail is north of the QEW and extends from Roly Bird Park behind Costco running all the way up to the new Alton community near Walmart.

Pausing at a bridgeOur first stop was not a planned one. Jr Burlington spotted a playground in the park and wanted to stop to play for a bit. This adventure was all about the journey and not the destination, so why not?

Sherwood Forest ParkThere are many homes that back onto the path. This sight made me smile. It seems that this cat is looking to see if his friends are home.

Cat and a BirdhouseBefore long we had arrived at Appleby Line (home of the recent Car Free Sundays event) and were getting closer to our planned break at Nelson Pool.

Riding the Bike PathThis Olympic size swimming pool originally opened in the 1960s and was extensively renovated in 1995. The pool is fully heated so that even when the days get cooler in August, it still offers a pleasant swim.

Olympic Size Pool at Nelson Plenty of life jackets, pool noodles and flutter boards are available.

Nelson Park PoolTwo diving boards and a slide provide extra thrills.

Nelson Park Pool Diving BoardA heated wading pool and interactive splash pad provides a place for toddlers and younger children to splash. There’s also a shaded, grassy picnic area and playground nearby.

Nelson Park Wading PoolWe dried off and were on the move again.

The last time we were at Nelson Park for the Tri Kids Triathlon, I had noticed that there was a BMX-style bike hills course next door. I had to check this out!

Nelson Park Dirt JumpsNelson Park dirt bike trail jumpsAfter riding a few of the hills, I realized one thing… I’m not a kid anymore!

BMX Bike JumpContinuing on down the path, we crossed at Walkers Line. I wanted to highlight this intersection because it’s a great example of how Burlington has worked hard to provide great cycling infrastructure.

Notice the pedestrian signal and refuge island in the middle of the road.

IslandLarge clear maps and wayfinding signs help guide the way. You often don’t realize how helpful these things are until they aren’t present. Last year, I rode a similar Crosstown Trail through Oakville and remember being surprised that their trail doesn’t have nearly the signage that ours has — and they don’t have curb cuts at many of the street crossings.

Multiuse Path SignageThe 4 metre wide trail features smooth pavement with the added bonus of a series viagra dosage 100mg of public art benches along the way.

Benches with QuotesA short side trail leads to the Burlington Mall and allows area residents to travel to the mall without a car or even having to travel alongside cars.

Multi Use Trail Burlington MallSoon we arrived at the corner of Guelph Line and New Street to what is perhaps Burlington’s most famed restaurant, Easterbrooks! This is where we would stop for lunch.

Easterbrooks is famous for foot-long hot dogs and has been since 1943 when Irene Easterbrook

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and her husband Ray Jr. opened their original location in Aldershot behind the Royal Botanical Gardens (still in operation).

Easterbrooks Hot DogsWith 30 flavours of ice cream to choose from, it can be hard to make your choice! But that’s part of the fun of it right?

Easterbrooks Ice CreamI thought this corner was a really neat touch. Next to the hot dog phone is a desk nameplate for founder Ray Easterbrook. The walls are covered with memorabilia including autographed photos, dozens of newspaper clippings about the restaurant from over the years and even a framed photo of “Grandma” on opening day.

Easterbrooks DecorThe many different types of foot long hot dogs canadian pharmacy that sells phentermine to be had are featured on individual signs.

Easterbrooks InteriorI tried the famous Wonder Dog. The fresh cut fries are perfect.

Easterbrooks Hot DogBack to our bikes! Before long we had reached Downtown.

Centennial Bikeway

Again, the signage along the way is fantastic.

Bikeway Park SignageAfter pausing for a Saturdays in the Square concert, we joined up with the Waterfront Trail at Spencer Smith Park.

Saturdays in the SquareThe Waterfront Trail is a 1400km multi-use route that stretches from Quebec along Lake Ontario to Niagara and, as of this year, along Lake Erie to Windsor. The stretch we rode lays on the old trackbed of the rail line that used to run along Burlington Beach.

Burlington Waterfront TrailIn the parkland where old cottages once stood, many families were hosting picnics and BBQs while enjoying a perfect summer day.

Family Picnics Along Beachway ParkWe arrived at the Beachway Park Pavilion Snack Shack for the ice cream cone I had promised! How else was I supposed to keep him peddling this whole way?

Beachway Park SnackshackWaterfront Trail BurlingtonAfter our stop for a snack, it didn’t take long to make it to our destination, the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge and pier. This canal opened in 1826 and provides navigable access from Burlington Bay (Hamilton Harbour) all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Burlington Skyway Lift bridge

Burlinton Beach Pier

We did it! Biking through town, end-to-end, was a perfect way to sample Burlington scenery, its neighbourhoods and some fun diversions along the way. What a way to feel alive and lucky to live in this incredible city!

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  1. Anonymous  |  

    Fabulous article, BUT, I’m disappointed to see your picture of your child crossing Walker’s Line in the crosswalk, mounted on his bike. It is important that we teach children (and adults) to ALWAYS walk with their bikes in crosswalks! Most vehicle/bicycle collisions happen due to cyclists riding through intersections in crosswalks where drivers are not expecting a fast moving object.

    • Anonymous  |  

      Agree that it can be dangerous to cross roads at intersections, however any motorist approaching that intersection would be approaching a red light. Bike-friendly cities don’t force riders to dismount at crossings, just like car-friendly cities don’t force drivers to get out and push their vehicles across the intersection.

  2. Another fantastic adventure and contribution to our great city! Thanks so much for all you do! I am looking for a detailed map of all the bike trails, and hiking trails, in Burlington. Maybe you provided it and I missed it? Or do you know where I can find something like that?

  3. Mr Burlington  |  

    Thanks for the note Peter. I had meant to link the Burlington trail map in my post but included the wrong link by mistake. I’ve corrected it now. The link you’ll want for the detailed map is below. Unfortunately, not all trails are shown on this map. I understand the city is working on an updated map that will show all our trails.

  4. What a great blog posting! On behalf of the Burlington Cycling Committee, we’d like to thank you for highlighting some of the best our city has to offer in terms of cycling infrastructure. Stay tuned for the new issue of the Burlington In-Gear newsletter, coming soon. Also the City is currently looking for feedback and suggestions for the Transportation Master Plan. Please visit and share your ideas with the community!