Celebrate Spring Time on the Farm at Bronte Creek Provincial Park | Adventure #33

Spring has sprung at Bronte compare staxyn to viagra Creek Provincial Park and their two farms have come alive with new baby animals! We visited on Victoria Day to canadian universities pharmacy programs visit the babies, enjoy the playbarn and take part in their annual celebration of what life was like on a farm in the 1890s.

Bronte Creek specializes in the Late Victorian Era so there is no better place to celebrate Victoria Day. Every year on the holiday Monday, Spruce Lane Farm hosts a Spring Time on the Farm event giving visitors a sense of early farming heritage.

Our first stop was to make a unique souvenir necklace. The boys filled an old film canister with potting soil and selected a seed to plant (bean or sunflower). The canisters were then watered, capped and hung around the neck for transport home. They now sit open on our windowsill as we wait for the seedlings to emerge.

Planting Seeds at Springtime on the Farm, Bronte Creek

Nearby, a young lady was demonstrating a few different Victorian games. Jr Burlington learned that children of the time enjoyed using a stick to roll a hoop as they walked to school. It was not nearly as easy as it looked — I know, because I tried too!

My favourite aspect of events and festivals at Bronte Creek is that their tour guides dress in period correct attire. This may seem like a small thing, but it really makes a big difference in immersing guests into the Victorian era.

Playing Pioneer Games at Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Next, we visited the back of Spruce Lane Farmhouse where the boys were asked to help “Mom” by doing three traditional farm chores.

First, water was pumped into a bucket and delivered to the back door so that Mom could use it in the kitchen. Then, pieces of firewood were carried from the woodshed to the back door for use in the oven.

Doing Chores for Mom at Bronte Creek Spring Tyme on the Farm

Finally, it was explained how ice was harvested from Lake Ontario before we delivered an ice block to the back door. We learned that ice blocks were cut perfectly square in order to make them easier to load and haul. After delivery to the farm, sawdust was used as an insulator in the icehouse. The sawdust was so effective that a harvest of ice put in place in cold weather and properly packed with sawdust could last several years.


Every year, the activities at Spring Time on the Farm are a bit different. Last year, Jr Burlington was enlisted to help plant strawberries in the field.

Planting Strawberries at Bronte Creek Spruce Lane Farm

One of the games in 2012 was a timed challenge for how fast kids could clean old hay out of a barn stall and put new hay back in. They were stunned to learn that kids on the farm would be expected to do viagra hearing loss this chore every morning!

Moving the Hay in the Barn at Bronte Creek

The Breckon family, who originally lived at Spruce Lane Farm until the 1950s, made their living as apple farmers. There are still signs of this throughout the park including apple and pear trees, vineyards cialis 4467 and a number of silos still standing that are more than 100 years old.

Spruce Lane Farm at Bronte Creek is loved by many for its idyllic spring time farmyard scenes like this one.

Bronte Creek Cows in Pasture

The second farm that families can experience is the Bronte Creek Children’s Farm. This is the most popular attraction at the park and is open year around.

Generations of kids have enjoyed this 150-year-old barn that now offers a huge children’s play loft for climbing, jumping and having fun.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park Children's Farm

Entrance to the playbarn is through a white picket gate. Only children 10 years of age and under are permitted to play.

Welcome to the Playbarn at Bronte Creek

Photo stand ins are always fun! Here, Baby Burlington plays scarecrow while hosting two familiar looking crows.

The Three Scarecrows

The barn offers two levels of fun including bridges, hidden mazes, slides, tunnels and a Hayloft for jumping!

Jumping in the Hayloft at the Bronte Creek Play BarnNo farm is complete without a tire swing.

Swinging on the Tire Swing

The Children’s Farm is home to a variety of barnyard animals including rabbits, pigs, cows, chickens, roosters, and peacocks.

Bronte Creek Children's Farm

We watched this proud peacock strutting his stuff for the ladies, spreading his colorful fantail during a courtship ritual.

Peacock Strutting his Stuff

Every spring, visitors to the park are greeted by a variety of baby farm animals. This year we got to meet little ducklings, piglets and kid goats. I just read on the Bronte Creek Facebook page that baby turkeys have now hatched!

Little Baby Chicks at Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Mamma pig had just given birth to four babies a few weeks back and, with her piglets asleep, came out into the farmyard for a break and some fresh air.

Mamma Pig Comes Out for Sun

Inside, we saw the piggies in their stall curled up and resting after a good feeding.

Little Baby Piggies at Bronte Creek

Nearby, the kid goats were playful as always. We picked some of the long grass and they enjoyed a nibble.

Feeding the Goats at the Children's Play Barn

All programs and facilities mentioned in this post are included in the regular Daily Vehicle rate ($16.00 per vehicle). Seasonal and annual vehicle passes are available.

Bronte Creek does a stellar job with social media and is always posting updates, photos and park information along viagra free samples packs with quick replies to questions. Be sure to “Like” Bronte Creek on Facebook and follow Bronte Creek Park Ranger on Twitter to stay in touch with this fantastic local treasure.

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