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My First Burlington Blog Post

Hello, it’s Mr Burlington here! Please allow me to introduce myself…

A few months back, I had a brainwave. What Burlington could use, I thought, was someone who could harness the power of social media to tell stories about life in Burlington—both past and present—while also helping local businesses connect with the community. I imagined bringing together Burlington-area residents to help them discover more about the city they call home and the businesses nearby that serve them.

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, WordPress, YouTube

Fast forward to now and my business cards have arrived, my Facebook page is steadily gaining ‘likes,’ I just sent my first tweet and my blog is launching today—on Valentine’s Day—all for the love of Burlington!

The stories I hope to tell on this blog aren’t the type of messages that most businesses are used to sharing. Most companies are used to talking at customers, not with customers. So that’s where I come in.

It’s my job to tell fun, engaging stories about businesses in Burlington to my audience of local residents. Maybe it’s a story of how an entrepreneur started their business or of what makes them unique (their “secret sauce”). Maybe it’s a story of a star employee or of giving back to the community. These are stories that build relationships with consumers

and help differentiate a business from the competition. They are also uniquely suited to be told, in bite-size fashion, through social media.

So keep watching, Burlington. There’s a lot more to come.

Yours truly,

Mr Burlington

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