Ribfest Ribs Revealed: How to Pick the Best

Every year, we face the same dilemma at Ribfest. How do we know who to try? This year, I figured it out.

Yes, another Ribfest are canadian pharmacy drugs safe is now behind us Burlington. And it was one of the most successful ever with canadian pharmacy and viagra over 163,000 people in attendance. But I wonder if many of those people know what I now know… how to pick the right pig.

You see, this year, I decided to take the matter seriously! I thought about it scientifically. Before ever arriving at Spencer Smith Park, I dissected everything that could possibly influence our decision and set out to document the many ways that ribbers try to manipulate us into choosing their racks over the competition.

Chants and Cheers

As soon as you arrive at the pork park for Ribfest, you can hear the ribbers chanting and cheering trying to entice you to their rig. I wanted to document this phenomenon so that I could study it and, perhaps, make my decision based on enthusiasm, spunk and wit.

Who’s the cheer champ?

Ask the Audience

As part of my investigation, I decided to ask how others make their choice. I expected to hear evidence of meticulous research. I have to say, the most popular reply was surprising and less than scientific.

Perfect Pitch

It was time to ask the vendors directly define cialis to make their best case. To be honest, some of the responses were a bit of a boar.

High in the Sky

A key factor in the decision making process are all those colourful “first place” signs hung high in the air. But, do they really mean much when just about every rig boasts of winning countless competitions?

If you pay close attention, cialis for daily use side effects all that signage says a lot more than just who won what. They appeal to your sense of humour, your primal urges, your need n1 canadian pharmacy for safety, your love of nostalgia and your logial mind.

See what I mean?

Best Backstory

The story of Pistol PeteVery Punny

It's OK to look at our buttsSeven days without pork makes one weak!!

Matter of Fact

35 tons sold every summer

Trust Me!

Code of honorCelebrity Endorsement

Royal family, King of ribs

Sex Sells

Everyone loves a sticky rack!

Let the Jack girls jack your bones!

Do you think you can handle a full rack?

Clever Quips

Where hog meets log Get it on ya! It's not pretty, it's bbq! In God we trust, everyone else, cash please Keep calm and gator on

Our Big Decision

So who did we choose? And, how did we choose them? Over the course of the weekend, we tried ribs from four different rigs. But it seems that the reasons for our choices had nothing to do with any of the subliminal messaging discussed above! Or did they?

Jack on the Bone sprayed our ribs with a Jack Daniels concoction that they promised us was safe for kids. Uhm, okay, I’ll buy that.

Jack on the Bone

They even let Jr Burlington ring the bell.

Ring the bell at Jack on the Bone

Mrs Burlington chose ribs from Billy Bones because they had a short line and she liked the alliteration in their name.

More ribs at Burlington Ribfest!Fire Island Barbecue offered something different — New York Honey Garlic sauce. Yum!

Burlington Ribfest

Canada's Largest RibfestAnd, as canadian pharmacy belleview fl the rain was about to pour down, I chose Silver Bullet BBQ because they were right near where cialis forum discussion I was.

Burlington Ribfest ribsIn the end? My advice to you for next year might seem more fit for Buffalo’s annual Labour Day weekend festival than Burlington’s…

Just wing it!

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