How Did Burlington Beach Become the Best? Find Out.

Adventure #52.

Our first visit to Burlington Beach! This was an adventure we’d been looking forward to for a long time.

We’ve been here previously as part of adventure #24 when we planted grasses and trees along the edge of the beach on a bitterly cold and windy day in April. But this cialis generic cheapest was our first time to actually sit down and enjoy our hometown beach on a hot sunny, summer day. And what a perfect day it was!

It’s amazing how many Burlington residents don’t is the scientific name for viagra mycoxafloppin realize it’s here. Many others do know about it but don’t appreciate just how gorgeous it is. Still others believe — incorrectly — that it’s never safe to swim anywhere in Lake Ontario.

Beachway Park Pavilion

Throughout the day, we kept asking, “How have we lived here for so long without ever doing this?”

Apparently, this is a question Maria Gerow hears every day as she helps more and more people discover Burlington’s hidden preis viagra at gem.

Maria is the owner of overdose cialis Burlington Beach Rentals, a new company that has made the historic pump house its home. Renting a viagra cialis levitra canadian pharmacy beach spot and sports equipment from Maria was the highlight of our day at the beach.

Burlington Beach Rentals in the Pumphouse

But before I get into the heart of our adventure story, I wanted to share a bit about how Beachway Park came to be. I asked Joseph Hollick to help tell the story. Joe worked for the City of Burlington as a professional engineer for 31 years. He looked after all the demolitions of the old beach cottages as well as the construction of Beachway Park until he retired in 2005.

The Burlington Beach Strip has been a popular beach area since the 1880’s when cottages began appearing adjacent to the sandy shore of Lake Ontario beside the railway tracks which ran between Burlington and Hamilton.
The land between the tracks and the lake was owned by the railway company and leased to people so they could build these cottages.

Burlington Beach cottages 1990

1990 when many cottages still existed on the beach. Photo by Joseph Hollick.

In the early 1970’s a severe storm damaged several cottages and residents asked for government help. By the 1970’s many of these cottages had become year round homes, for which they never were intended, as there were no sewers in the area.

The City of Burlington agreed to buy out the cottages as they came up for sale and to purchase the land from CNR. The tracks then were removed by CNR and the City used the base for a new walkway/bicycle path. When the City of Burlington took over the leases from CN in the 1970’s, they gave viagra generic canadian pharmacy the residents until 1999 to vacate the buildings.

Last Cottage Demoltion

Last cottage (1184 Lakeshore Rd.) was demolished in 2004. Photo canadian pharmacy clearwater fl by Joseph viagra yungfa Hollick.

The majority sold to the City and moved out but a few took the City to court. By 2004 the last cottager left by court order and the last building was demolished.

In the 1990’s Beachway Park was formed on the vacant lands (in between the remaining buildings) and the residents of Burlington were happily surprised at the fantastic beach that existed in their city and now was open to the public to enjoy instead of being used mainly by private residents.

Joe has published a detailed article online where you can read more about the Burlington Beach Strip cottages and the birth of Beachway Park.

Burlington Beach from Above

Beautiful sandy beach in Burlington at Beachway Park. Photo by Joseph Hollick.

On a beautiful summer day, Burlington Beach is filled with happy sunbathers accompanied by all kinds colourful umbrellas, beach toys, lounge chairs and coolers painting a vibrant, happy picture.

Unlike other area beaches, the water here is safe for swimming more often than not. You’ll want to check the Halton Beach Water Test Results page before heading out.

Sunbathers on Burlington Beach

Burlington Beach Rentals wants to help you make the most of your day at rite aid cialis the beach.

Renting Paddle Boats and Paddle Boards

Inside the pump house, Maria drew up the paperwork for a paddle boat while we looked around the historic building.

Maria owns Burlington Beach

The pump house was built in 1909 as part of a new waterworks system to provide piped water from Lake Ontario to Burlington residents and reduce reliance on well supplies.

The pump house was in service from 1910 to 1936. The building was then used as a residence for the next 50 years. It has been vacant since the city bought it back in 1987. In 1992 it was designated as a heritage building.

Inside Burlington Beach Rentals

With the paperwork signed, we were ready to start our day. A beach spot includes your choice of Muskoka chairs or lounge chairs under a cabana-like umbrella for $20 a day. It was a very hot day and we were happy to be able to retreat to the shade occasionally.

Our rented beach spot

As we lounged in the sun, we saw plenty of other families enjoying the paddle boats…

Paddle Boating

…and stand up paddle boards offered by Burlington Beach Rentals.

Paddle Boarding

It was time to get out there and give it a try ourselves. We donned life jackets and pushed off from shore. This was the easiest paddle boat ride I’ve ever had. Jr Burlington was not helping much in the way of peddling, but I found the drive system on these boats made it relatively effortless for me to peddle solo.

I was surprised by the long boundaries we were instructed to navigate within. We could go from the lighthouse pier on one end to the new Brant Street pier at the other end. We ended up staying closer to our beach spot though.

On the paddle boat

Later in the day, I tried their Stand Up Paddle Board too. It was very wide and surprisingly stable. I had a blast paddling my way up and down the beach strip seeing the sights from a unique vantage point.

On the paddle board

Next to the pump house is a park with an Evos playground. I reviewed why we like these play systems in my blog about Burlington’s best parks (Adventure #31).


Back on the beach, we headed down towards the main pavilion for a snack.

The massive “oil derrick-type” hydro towers that dot the beach are really an eye sore, unfortunately. If these were removed, Beachway Park would certainly become a must-visit destination for tourists from around the Golden Horseshoe.

However, a recent informal analysis by Hydro One for the City of Burlington estimated a cost of $36 million to bury the transmission lines or $8 million to swap them out with less obtrusive poles. Relocating them across the street would be somewhere in the middle.

A look down the beach

The menu at the Snack Shack includes French fries, onion rings, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers, beverages and 12 flavours of ice cream.

Snack Shack

French fries, poutine and hot dogs make for a perfect picnic at the beach!

French fries and poutine

The boardwalk around the pavilion was lined with families licking ice cream cones.

Ice cream cone

A water refill station comes in handy in today’s age of reusable water bottles.

Water fill station

The pavilion boardwalk extends to a series of change rooms, washrooms and outdoor shower facilities all under a canopy of trees.

Change Rooms

Coin operated binoculars allowed us to get a closer look non prescription viagra alternative at a freighter exiting the Burlington Bay ship canal.

Viewing area

We returned to find my brother in the beach spot next to us checking his email on the iPad, making use of the wifi signal provided by Burlington Beach Rentals.

Wifi at the beach

A day at the beach just isn’t complete without someone getting buried in the sand!

Buried in sand

Next, it was mommy’s turn to be mummified.

Buried in sand again

Scenes like these will linger in my head every hot summer day that I’m sitting in the office working.

When I teased Maria at Burlington Beach Rentals about her idyllic “job,” she replied, “it’s hard work, but someone’s got to do it!” Me, please?!

Burlington Beach, Lake Ontario

You don’t have to drive for hours to the cottage with Beachway Park and Burlington Beach right here at home. It makes for the perfect staycation. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a slice of paradise this summer!

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  1. Isabel  |  

    Like you we have enjoyed going to the beach right here in Burlington (no long drives). We have been there a few times this summer already. We haven’t gone for paddle boat rides, but we’ve enjoyed swimming, playing in the sand, playing on the playground and going for bike rides along the strip. We are looking forward to many more days of enjoyment there.

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