12 Sights Our Scarecrow Saw at Applefest

It’s a bit of a crosstown rivalry, dosage viagra you see. I live in Burlington and my twin brother lives in Oakville. He’s always jousting about how great his town is and how it’s so much better there than living here in Burlington. As you can imagine, I feel a bit differently.

So when he and his family joined us at the Burlington Museum’s Applefest does viagra help with premature ejaculation Fall Fair, I couldn’t help but gloat as we headed back to the cheap viagra and cialis car after a day full of fall fun.

“How do you like them apples?!,” I exclaimed.

Yes, I said it. But, can you blame me? That’s what to say when you want to brag about something great. Of course, the saying was especially appropriate for Applefest, an event that has practically every element of a rural Fall Fair right here in the city

Presented by the Rocca Sisters

Applefest is co-presented by the Museums of Burlington and the Rocca Sisters real estate team. Cathy and Tanya Rocca first collaborated with the Museum on this event last year, providing over 5,000 guests the opportunity to visit for free. This dynamic duo also helped to bring us the Sp’egg’tactular Easter Egg Hunt at Ireland House that we visited on Adventure #21.

Scarecrow stuffingBefore we even arrived, I knew what we’d be doing first. I had read a preview of the day’s events to my 7-year old and he was really captivated by the idea of building our own scarecrow. We had just seen The Wizard of Oz in 3D and I think he imagined having his own brainless scarecrow to accompany us on our adventures.

I anticipated simply decorating one of those miniature scarecrows that you see popping up in gardens all over the city this time of year. Instead, we stuffed a life-size mannequin

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which I then had the pleasure of escorting for the rest of the day. “We should have done this last,” I realized far too late. “If I only had a brain.” Hmmph.

Make your own scarecrowAnd so, that’s how “Scaredy,” the headless scarecrow, came to join our Applefest adventure. These are some of the many activities we enjoyed together that day.

1. Hay Bale Maze

Museums of Burlington hay maze

2. Farmall Vintage Tractors (1940 and 1951)

Appelfest tractor Tractor ride

3. Lasso Lessons

Lasso lessons

4. Arts and cialis max dosage Crafts

Splatter painting by 4Cats

5. Country BBQ

Applefest Country BBQ

6. Live Entertainment All Day

Live entertainment all day

7. Historic House Tours and Heritage Baking

Ireland House tours Baking apple cookies

8. Bees & Honey cialis australia Exhibit

Honey bees

9. Hamilton/Burlington SPCA Wiggle Wagon

Wiggle Wagon kittens

10. Pony Rides

Pony rides at Ireland House

11. Classic Car canadian pharmacy strattera Show

Car show

12. Rope Making Demonstration

Rope making

Applefest Prince and Princess

The day was capped off by the annual crowning of the Applefest Prince and Princess. Children were invited to the stage where Tanya Rocca asked each one of them a simple question, “Why should you be Prince (or Princess)?”

And, of course, kids say the darndest things don’t they? Answers included:

  • I like toys
  • I can twirl
  • I like cinnamon on apples
  • I am nice and kind to everyone
  • I like the Rocca Sisters
  • I have a princess name (Arial)
  • I believe in apples
  • Why? Why not?
  • I am awesome
  • Because I want to

And my favourite answer of the day:

  • I like meat.

Maxwell won the title of Applefest Prince.

Applefest Prince

And Grace was crowned Applefest Princess.

Tanya Rocca presents the Applefest Princess

We have many more fun fall events to share with you this season — from apple picking at Frootogo to the Springridge Farm Harvest Festival to Bruce Trail Day at City View Park. Then, of course, there are all those late-October Halloween inspired events that kids love!

What fall adventures do you have planned? canadian drug pharmacy promo code Share them in the comments form below, I’d love to hear about them!


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