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Concerts in the Park: A Senior's Secret No More

Adventure #56.

Located next to Central Library on New Street, the Burlington Music Centre is a pretty special place.

It’s home to the Burlington Teen Tour Band (as we showcased in Adventure #26) and also provides a place for a bunch of other local bands to practice. Music lessons are offered here too as part of the largest municipally-run music program in the country.

The part of the Music Centre that most Burlington residents are familiar with, however, is its bandshell that rises from the rear of the building.

Recently repainted and refurbished, this fantastic asset to our city hosts approximately twenty band concerts every summer on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

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The Only Burlington Picnic Resource You Will Ever Need

Adventure #55.

Nothing says summer like a picnic in the park. Sandwiches, lemonade and watermelon, all set on a colourful table cloth make for the quintessential summer combination.

After touring some

of Burlington’s best parks back in the spring (on Adventure #31), we wanted to discover even more.

I thought it would be fun to do a “progressive picnic” in which we’d eat successive courses of our meal at different parks across Burlington.

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Why 'Chefs Around the Block' is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Adventure #54.

Have you ever had restaurant envy? The feeling that everyone else is wining and dining at the best restaurants in the city but you just can’t keep up?

We’ve had it, as have other parents I imagine. It cialis where to buy can be hard to maximum dose of viagra find both a sitter and the budget to dine at all those restaurants that people are raving about.

When I heard about the new Chefs Around the Block event, I knew this was our chance to dine at five of Burlington’s Best restaurants for the price of one — all in one day.

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The Evolution of Watching Movies Under the Stars

Adventure #53.

“Kids these days have it all,” or so the saying goes. But there’s one summer tradition that many kids are missing.

There was a time when hot summer nights were spent under the stars, watching a movie at the Drive-in. Accompanied by a bucket of popcorn in one hand and a fist full of candy in the other, a kid could watch the big screen from a blanket on the grass, the hood of a car or curled up in the passenger seat.

Today, the Drive-in theatre is all but a distant memory with only a handful left in Southern Ontario. Thankfully, we have the Movies Under the Stars series here in Burlington to fill the void.

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How Did Burlington Beach Become the Best? Find Out.

Adventure #52.

Our first visit to Burlington Beach! This was an adventure we’d been looking forward to for a long time.

We’ve been here previously as part of adventure #24 when we planted grasses and trees along the edge of the beach on a bitterly cold and windy day in April. But this cialis generic cheapest was our first time to actually sit down and enjoy our hometown beach on a hot sunny, summer day. And what a perfect day it was!

It’s amazing how many Burlington residents don’t is the scientific name for viagra mycoxafloppin realize it’s here. Many others do know about it but don’t appreciate just how gorgeous it is. Still others believe — incorrectly — that it’s never safe to swim anywhere in Lake Ontario.

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Savour Summer at the Strawberry Social

Adventure #51: Savour a Slice of Summer at the Strawberry Social

One summer day in 1976, the staff and volunteers at Joseph Brant Museum held their first Strawberry Social on the museum grounds as a way to bring the community together while raising funds. That day, more than 500 people turned out for ice cream and berries. Now, the tradition lives on over 35 years later.

The annual Strawberry Social has become a Canada Day tradition for our family. After all, what better symbol of Canada is there than sweet, red, juicy berries draped over cold, indulgent white vanilla ice cream?

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Show Off Your Patriotic Pride on Canada Day

Adventure #50: Show Off Your Patriotic Pride on Canada Day.

Canada Day is the day when people all over the country sport red and white to celebrate their nation. In Burlington, it’s a day for residents to head down to the Waterfront to listen to music, see old friends, eat fun food and stroll along the promenade and pier.

The city’s Canada Day Celebrations have really evolved in the past decade. When we moved to Burlington ten years ago, the event at Spencer Smith Park featured mostly community groups both on stage and in information booths (there were few vendors). I remember thinking that it all seemed so quaint compared to the massive Sound of Music Festival in the same spot just weeks earlier.

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