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Play High-Tech Hide ‘n Seek

Adventure #49: Play High-Tech Hide ‘n Seek.

Geocaching is something I had heard about over the years but never tried. Of all the adventure suggestions posted to my Facebook page, the one that has come up over and over again is Geocaching. Many have said that it makes for a fantastic (and free) family-friendly Burlington adventure.

Geocaching is played all over the world. The official Geocaching website says that there are now 2 million official Geocaches to be found.

By visiting Geocaching.com and searching for Burlington, Ontario, you’ll discover that there are dozens of hidden caches placed all over our city — often in places you’d never suspect. Look at how many are in the Orchard community alone!

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Eat Like Royalty at the Taste of Burlington

Adventure #48: Eat Like Royalty at the Taste of Burlington.

Everyone likes dining out, but the costs of a meal, drink, and dessert can add up quickly.

When you live in a city like Burlington, with so many fine restaurants to enjoy, you want to experience it all! Thankfully, the Taste of Burlington program runs twice a year. This makes it easier to eat like royalty on a peasant’s budget.

The Burlington Performing Arts Centre recently hosted an advance launch of the summer edition of Taste of Burlington. The idea here is to give diners a “taste” of what’s to come when the program runs July 21 to August 5. Oh my, did Mr and Mrs Burlington ever eat like a King and Queen.

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