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Strike Up a Chord with the Burlington Teen Tour Band | Adventure #26

Before moving to Burlington a decade ago, about the only things we knew of the city was that it was home to the Burlington Skyway and the Burlington Teen Tour Band. Growing can i take viagra and cialis together up as a kid in Niagara, I was always fascinated by the massive sea of red as the Teen Tour Band marched past me on the parade route.

Now that we live in Burlington, there are countless opportunities to see the band in action. This year, we decided to catch their annual spring concert at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. On the Sunday afternoon before the big concert, we stopped by the Burlington Music Centre (next to Central Library) to watch the band rehearse — all practices are open to the public.

Meeting Drum Major Chris from the Burlington Teen Tour Band

The first thing we noticed is that the Band’s home is a mini-museum of sorts. There are a number of displays showcasing treasures from travels around the world. As we browsed walls covered from top to bottom with decades como comprar viagra worth of plaques and photos, we met Senior Drum Major, Chris Harrison. Chris agreed to show us around.

We were incredibly impressed by Chris who seemingly has the entire 65+ year history of the band at the tip of his tongue. The band brands itself as “Canada’s Musical Ambassadors” and, in turn, Chris is a fantastic ambassador for the band. He talked to us about where the band has traveled through the years, changes in compare viagra vs cialis their uniform over time and highlights from different decades.

In the Loading Room, we found many large cases ready to be packed with instruments and uniforms. Jr Burlington tried on a “shako” for size — a bit big still!

Trying on the Burlington Teen Tour Band Uniform

We were impressed to learn that the Burlington Teen Tour Band is Canada’s oldest and largest youth marching band and that Burlington has the largest municipal music program in the country. A lot of residents don’t realize that our City also offers private instruction programs at the Music Centre for a wide range of instruments: Flute, French Horn, Clarinet, Trombone, Saxophone, Tuba, Trumpet, and Drum.

One wall honours the band’s past and present managing directors and music directors. In 1947, Elgin Corlett came to Burlington with a vision of forming a boys’ and girls’ community band. From that day on, Burlington has been cheering them on.

Past Leaders of the Band

Chris told us that perhaps the biggest misconception about the Teen Tour Band is the notion that only the best players are accepted to become a member. Actually, everyone is welcome to join regardless of ability! After all, how do you become a better player and marcher if you do not have a venue to work on those skills?

Preteen youth, ages 9-13, are invited to join the Junior Redcoats which is the “feeder band” to the Burlington Teen Tour Band. For the first time this year, the Junior Redcoats are hosting an Open House, Concert and BBQ at the Burlington Music Centre on Saturday, May 11 from 10am – 12:30pm.

Teen Tour Band Historical Uniform Pieces

The Burlington Teen Tour Band’s first international engagement was an Ohio football game in 1947. Over the years, the band has gone on to visit a number of European nations, five different provinces and at least 15 U.S. states.

In recent years, the group has similar to viagra had the honour of taking part in multiple worldwide events such as the 65th anniversary of Pearl Harbour in Hawaii, the famous Rose Bowl Parade in California, the 20th anniversary of the twinning of Burlington and Itabashi in Japan, and most recently, they had the privilege of visiting Ireland to participate in the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

One of the many gifts they received from their hosts in Ireland was a stick and ball used watermelon or viagra to play Ireland’s how cialis daily works national sport of Hurling. This game is over 3,000 years old and is believed to be the world’s oldest field game.

Memories of the Ireland Tour

On the morning of St. Patrick’s Day, my family was excited to watch live streaming footage on the Internet of the band marching. After a long parade, they were judged to be the Best Youth Band in this prestigious parade!

The next day, after a performance in Limerick, Ireland, the band received the top award of the entire competition. They were named the All Ireland International Band Champions! The teens marched out after a celebratory concert with pride in their eyes and excitement in their hearts.

Championship Trophies

After a visit to the Uniform Room (where some 250 uniforms are kept and maintained), Chris was summoned to rehearsal so we tagged along.

What an impressive sight to see Chris strike up the band as they practiced in what is the largest rehearsal hall in Canada.

Burlington Teen Tour Band Concert Rehearsal

Fast forward a week, and this same group of teens is now seated in the same formation on the stage of the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. But this time they are dressed in their famous red coats!

The Band in Fine Form

As the band marched down the aisles and up to the stage, we spotted our new friend Chris leading the way. Jr Burlington gave a wave.

Burlington Teen Tour Band Drum Major

At intermission, we took a moment to look at the collage of photos from the Ireland trip as well as all the awards they brought home.

Memories of the Ireland Tour

Teen Tour Band Trophies from Ireland

Here’s a glimpse of the band performing in a 2011 promotional video.

This summer you can catch the band perform in the Sound of Music Grande Festival Parade, kick off the Concerts in the Park series and march down our waterfront promenade on Canada Day.

Along the way, you may see the Burlington Teen Tour Band Boosters supporting the band. This group of parents and supporters regularly hosts BBQs, golf tournaments, bingos, spaghetti dinners, raffles, and more. If you see this amazing group of volunteers cialis 5mg daily in the community, please lend your support!


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