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Hop On Down to the Walker's Chocolates Factory Tour | Adventure #18

Thirty years ago, Harry Walker made his dream of owning his own chocolate business cialis for pulmonary hypertension come true. In 1983, he opened up a shop in Burlington and success quickly followed.

To thank the community for their long lasting support, every other year, Walker’s Chocolates hosts an Open House at their Candy Kitchen in the weeks leading up to Easter.

When we arrived to their Plains Road production facility, we were met by the Easter Bunny as we pulled into the parking lot!

The Easter Bunny was accepting canned food donations for the Salvation Army in exchange for admission to the cialis hong kong factory tour.

This poster, from the 2011 Walker’s Chocolates event, previews the fun to be had.

Walker’s Chocolates remains a true family-run business having now entered its second generation with the addition of daughter, Jennifer, and son, David.

Our tour was led by Harry’s wife Anne. She took us to five different stations to learn about every step of the chocolate making process.

Here is a video overview of our adventure.

The first stop was a chocolate classroom where Anne pointed out the areas near the equator where chocolate is found. Using a number of visual aides, she showed us what the cocoa bean looks like and walked us through how cocoa is harvested and prepared.

Our next stop was to see how chocolate molds are filled. Jr Burlington was selected to pour chocolate into a mold using a foot operated pump.

We learned that over 300 lbs of chocolate a day are used to make molded bunnies! Walker’s Chocolates is smart enough to know that Bunny Ears are, by far, the most popular rapid heart beat with viagra part of the rabbit. They now sell packages of “Just Ears” and will produce 15,000 ears this year alone!

Next it was over to the finishing and decorating table.

This station is where bunnies receive their colourful eyes and candy decorations.

Over at the copper kettles, we saw where caramel corn, peanut brittle, fudge and truffle centres are prepared. Walker’s Chocolates boasts that they make over 50 different exquisite chocolate, truffle and sugarless centres to “tantalize your taste buds and please your palate.”

As we left this station, we each received a yummy square of smooth, creamy caramel!

Our last stop on the tour was the chocolate enrober. This is where truffles are placed on a conveyer belt and covered with a chocolate coating. A unique marking is made on each type of truffle to indicate the flavour.

When we came over the counter viagra alternative at walmart by, they were preparing their trademark Mint Meltaways which have become local favourites for thousands of chocolate connoisseurs for over 30 years.

As I watched this process, I smiled to myself thinking back to the famous I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ethel wrap chocolates coming off a conveyer belt.

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On our way out, we were each provided with a Mint Meltaway to try! There was also a draw for a giant chocolate Easter viagra prescription or over the counter Bunny and an opportunity to shop in the small store that fronts their factory location.

Later in the day we would visit their flagship store on Fairview Street to kick off our trek on the Burlington Chocolate Trail. But that’s an adventure for another day!

Which part of the chocolate Easter Bunny do you eat first? Let me know in the comments section below.

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