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Step Out to the Burlington Performing Arts Centre | Adventure #17

Growing up in small town Southern Ontario (before cialis and alcohol safe arriving in Burlington), an annual treat for my family was the amateur musical society’s big Broadway show. One year it was South Pacific, another year Annie Get Your Gun, and the next year Guys n’ Dolls. In these shows, cialis and tamsulosin the lead actor might be a dentist or teacher by day but

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transform into a hometown musical superstar at night. And home to these big spirited but small budgeted productions was the high school auditorium.

These memories come to mind each time I step foot in our gorgeous new Burlington Performing Arts Centre. This venue is spectacular and the shows it hosts are diverse and electrifying. From big name musical artists to homegrown bands; from lavish, choreographed spectacles to one-woman shows — The Burlington Performing Arts Centre has it all.

With Jr Burlington being six now, canadian pharmacy largo fl we thought it was time to introduce him to the theatre. Thankfully, the Centre had lined up some unique, family-friendly entertainment for March Break.

Scrap Arts Music caught my attention because it was all about playing whimsical, invented instruments made from recycled scrap. Like many kids these days, he’s all about being a friend to the environment!

We decided to kick-off the industrial recycling theme with a pre-show dinner at The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro viagra originale online in Downtown Burlington. This restaurant is famous for its huge variety of inspired burgers served in an urban atmosphere of distressed bricks and boiler room detailing with roadside knickknacks tacked to the walls throughout.

When I was a kid, the coolest restaurants would serve their drinks in mason jars. You know that The WORKS is some place special because they’ve upped the ante by serving their drinks in large measuring cups! And their salt buy viagra with paypal and pepper shakers look like they were formerly light bulbs.

With 68 tried-and-true gourmet burgers to choose from (and seven different patty options) making a decision on what to order here can take a while. I was feeling pretty hungry, so generic viagra review when I saw an option simply called “Gluttony,” I knew that’s what I was in the mood for. This greatest hits compilation features sautéed mushrooms, chipotle mayo, gouda cheese & three big, crunchy onion rings.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a pretty big Burlington booster, so I was pretty stoked when I noticed that many of the burgers are named generic viagra by pfizer in honour of our fair city. There’s the Taste of Burgerton, the Brant Street Burger and the R-Brie-G (get it?!). Maybe I can dream of a Mr Burlington Burger some day!

Shortly after we arrived at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre, I was surprised to hear, “Hey, are you Mr Burlington?” It was then that I met the face behind a name I had seen many

times on my page, Sean Hollingsworth. I always love meeting people who know me from Facebook and my blog! Sean and his wife are big supporters of the Centre and were volunteering their time as ushers.

The seats in the Centre are nicely sloped providing good views for shorter people. This is one of those theatres where they say “every seat is a good seat” and it seems to be true! There are booster seats for kids too.

The Scrap Arts Music show was truly spectacular. The group’s mobile “invented” instruments and “power-percussion” choreography kept even my wiggly six-year old spellbound right through the encore number.

A nice touch was that the performers came out almost immediately after the show to sign autographs and take photos.

We got to meet up with the lone female member of the group, Christa Mercey. I learned that Christa is originally from Elmira but now travels the world with this Vancouver-based show.

Later in the week, we were lucky enough to see a second family show at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. This time, we were accompanied by my brother and my niece.

Jamie Adkins: Circus Incognitus had the entire audience laughing from the moment it started to the very end. Billed as an “unforgettable one-man circus comedy,” Jamie Adkins was a clown, an acrobat, a juggler and a tightrope walker all in one. He seemed to fail every step of the way in an endearing act that won over the audience and warmed our hearts.

When Jamie had audience members at the back of the theatre (and in the balcony) launch citrus fruit onto the stage so that he could pierce it with a mouth-held spear, I knew this was unlike anything I had ever seen before or would likely ever see again in the theatre.

As with Scrap Arts Music before it, Jamie Adkins was kind enough to make his way out to the lobby after the show to greet his young fans. Bravo.

Have you seen any shows at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre yet? Let me know what acts you’ve enjoyed in the comments form below.

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