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Paint and Play Together at Crock A Doodle | Adventure #14

Have you ever tried to find something fun to do, out-of-the-house, on a weeknight in the winter? Besides shopping, swimming or perhaps visiting the library, there just aren’t a lot of options for weeknight family fun.

Enter Crock A Doodle. This hidden gem in Burlington provides a rare opportunity for anyone, of any age and ability, to have a blast expressing their artistic side.

As their website explains, Crock A Doodle is “a special place to gather with family and friends to create, laugh, share and grow.” And it’s true! As fun as the final creations may be, like so many things in life, the magic of Crock A Doodle lay in the journey.

Crock A Doodle is all about enjoying some creative time together while transforming ready-to-paint pottery pieces into amazing works of art. From plates and mugs to home decor accents and crazy creatures, this is not fine art I’m talking about, it’s “fun art!”

An adventure at Crock A Doodle can start any time. When you’re ready, just drop-in to the bright and cheerful studio at Walkers Line and Dundas Street, no reservation is required.

You start your art by standing in front of shelves upon shelves of blank pottery projects ready to be brought to life. Looking at all the options, I felt like somewhere in between a kid-in-a-candy-store and a bull-in-a-china-shop!

Ranging in price from $10-30, parents and kids can each create their own piece or work together to design a fabulous family project. For example, everyone can grab a brush and paint a cookie jar, popcorn bowl or serving platter that will be treasured as one-of-a-kind art for years to come. The price of any piece is marked on the bottom and is all inclusive of studio time, paints & kiln-firing.

We let Jr Burlington choose a project he liked that we could all collaborate on. His first choice was a giant monster truck, but he later settled on painting a fighter jet instead.

The staff at Crock A Doodle couldn’t have been nicer or made us feel more welcome. Owner Angie obviously loves her second career as a small business owner and has a passion for helping others enjoy a memorable creative experience.

Once a decision was made on the project, we got to pick a palette of paint colours to work with. Soon both the paint and creative juices were flowing as we doodled away!

On the Thursday night we were there, the studio was bustling with other families who also knew the secret to having a fun mid-week, after-dinner adventure.

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake I did by exclaiming “I’m not much of an artist.” Apparently, they hear this a lot at Crock A Doodle. It’s not about trying to become a master artist, I was told, it’s simply about discovering the joy of personal expression.

Crock A Doodle likes to say that they put the ART in party! They specialize in hosting creative kids birthday parties, ladies nights and corporate events. Each month they feature a full calendar of classes, events and specially themed fun nights.

As we finished our masterpiece, Angie suggested we add a special touch by turning painted finger prints into cockpit co-pilots!

A few days later, we dropped back in to Crock A Doodle to pickup our project. It’s amazing the difference that the glazing and kiln-firing makes. What were seemingly soft pastels had popped into glossy, vibrant colours to create a brilliant work of art that is now proudly displayed on one 6-year old’s bedside table.

With March Break soon upon us, special sessions are offered each day from 10:30am-noon. These classes are for kids five and older and are priced at $25 each (including project & supervision). Pre-registration is required by calling 905-336-6366.

  • Mon March 1th – Sesame Street
  • Tues March 12th – Pop Art
  • Wed March 13th – HOOT Day
  • Thurs March 14th – 3D Art (Ages 10+)
  • Fri March 15th – EGG-stravaganza!

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