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Roar with the Dinosaurs at the Royal Botanical Gardens | Adventure #10

I recently posted about our snow and ice adventures at Bronte Creek Provincial Park, a natural oasis on the eastern border of Burlington. Across the city, on our western border, is another impressive nature centre — the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG).

First constructed in the 1930s during the Great Depression, the Royal Botanical Gardens has grown to become the largest botanical garden in Canada, a National Historic Site, and a charitable organization dedicated to bringing people, plants and nature together.

Junior Burlington is a major dinosaur fan. When he was four, he introduced himself to

a friend of mine by saying, “I’m not a paleontologist but I know a LOT about dinosaurs.” This was shortly before his first visit to the Royal Ontario Museum where he corrected a staff member viagra cialis levitra online on the pronunciation of “quetzalcoatlus.”

When he heard that the Royal Botanical Gardens would be hosting its own dinosaur exhibit — Battle of the Titans — he was majorly excited! On the day of our visit, both boys dressed in their finest dinosaur wear and we headed out to the RBG on Plains Road West.

The main atrium hosts most of the interactive dinosaur exhibits and is the perfect place to be cialis kullanımı on a cold winter’s day. This space was unveiled in 2009 and features a cutting-edge design constructed almost entirely of glass that allows natural light to filter in. The two-level room is filled cialis online canadian with fascinating dinosaur displays that work on many levels — being both entertaining and educational for children and adults alike.

These Dino-Vision Skulls allow brave viewers to see life through the eyes of a T-Rex or Triceratops (the titans for which the exhibit is named).

Weekends at the RBG feature an extra bit of special dinosaur programming. The day we were there, the special session was a Dino Dig in which kids received their own rock and a set of tools they had to use to uncover the hidden fossil inside.

For families with younger kids, the story time and puppet show were a big draw. There is a cool craft area too that brings a dinosaur to life out of an ordinary paper bag.

The boys were especially fascinated by the live dinosaur creatures carried about by RBG staffers. These little guys sure love to nip at stray fingers.

Perhaps the biggest hit viagra for less of the day was the Digital Dig Pit. This giant iPad-like table allows kids to uncover dinosaur bones that are buried below digital dirt! Once the pieces are uncovered, they are assembled into place to form the skeleton. Once finished, the dead dino promptly walks off the screen so that the kids can start all over again.

Battle of the Titans at the Royal Botanical Gardens runs daily until April 7th. There are a number mens health viagra online of special dinosaur themed programs for adults, teens and children scheduled in conjunction with the exhibit. For example, there are dino sculpting and drawing classes, Dino-Snores Sleepovers, dinosaur themed meals, presentations by famous paleontologists and a week-long March Break Discovery camp.

Besides the dinosaurs, there’s more to explore in the winter at the Gardens including the beautiful Mediterranean garden “under glass” that brings together plants from the world’s five Mediterranean climate zones.

If you’re ready to face a showdown between Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops, head out to Battle of the Titans as these prehistoric giants thrill and educate budding palaeontologists of all ages.

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