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Make Tracks on the River and Ruin Trail | Adventure #9

The day after the snowstorm of the year, we figured it was time for something we had always wanted to try… snowshoeing. We settled on one of our favourite Burlington hiking spots — the River and Ruin trail — and ventured off to Mountain Equipment Co-op

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(MEC) to rent snowshoes.

As we entered the MEC parking lot we were surprised to find our friends from Milton on their way out. They were planning to go tobogganing but agreed to postpone cialis and niacin that and join us on our snowshoeing adventure instead. Our first special guests on a Mr Burlington adventure!

Mountain Equipment Co-op is perhaps Canada’s most-loved outdoor retailer. They focus on all kinds of self-powered recreation (including running, hiking, camping, cycling, canoeing, climbing and snowsports).

The staff at loestrin 24 fe canadian pharmacy MEC were kind enough to suggest an appropriate model and size of snowshoe for each of us and also helped us try them on to get comfortable. For $12 a day — and free rentals for the kids — I thought this service was a bargain.

We drove up to Lowville and parked at the intersection of Britannia and Blind Line where the trail starts. River & Ruin why does viagra cause headaches is one of our favorite walks, providing varied terrain, views, and (in the summer) a canadian pharmacy manitoba beautiful river to wade in. It is part of the Bruce Trail, Canada’s oldest and longest foot path. I’ll be sharing more about the Bruce Trail as part of

an upcoming adventure.

After strapping on the snowshoes, I was surprised to find that we would be the first to break the snow on this popular section of trail. Walking through the woods with a thick, untouched cover of snow was beautiful and serene — well as much as it can be with three kids under 7 in tow!

We ventured off into the woods with only the white Bruce Trail blazes marked on the trees to serve as our guide since the path was buried. We found it exhilarating and not nearly as challenging as we thought it might be.

With so much snow, three small boys and more hills than I remembered, our pace was slow. It took us half an hour to travel half a kilometer. The kids were starting to wear down so we decided to turn back while we were all still having fun. I was disappointed how does cialis work after ejaculation we didn’t make it to either the “river” or the “ruin” for which the loop is named but I knew that going any further would be pushing our luck.

I later realized I could include photos from our Fall hike as part of this post to provide a sense of cialis and bph treatment the sights to be seen on the trail.

Along the side trail (marked with blue tree blazes), you’ll find the “ruin” element of the trail. This abandoned farmhouse from the early to mid-1800’s used to be adorned with a wrap-around porch facing the river below. The lower field (below the trail) was a horse pasture while the upper portions were used for crops.

To this day, many apples and pear trees remain in the area. The side-trail used to be the farmer’s dirt road leading them by horse & buggy to Guelph Line, where they ran errands at the General Store (now The Lowville Bistro).

After passing the “ruin,” the trail curves back along Bronte Creek — the “river” part of the trail’s name. Huge willow trees line the water’s edge and impressive bridges have been built by Bruce Trail volunteers to provide easy passage.

When we arrived back at the car we still had enough energy left for one last group photo.

Do you want to try hiking or snowshoeing Burlington’s “River and Ruin” trail for yourself? You can get the official trail map by consulting the printed Bruce Trail Reference Guide or downloading Map #10 as a PDF for $3.00. There is also this free map with accompanying photos on the EveryTrail.com site.

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