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Roll Your Car UP Burlington's Mysterious Magnetic Hill | Adventure #4

If you’ve ever been to Moncton before, you know what a “Magnetic Hill” is. As one of Moncton’s top tourist attractions, 20mg cialis reviews three generations of Canadians have marveled at the magic of Magnetic Hill as they seem to coast upwards to the top.

Did you know that Burlington has a Magnetic Hill too? But, whereas Moncton has bought up 350 acres around their famous elevation so that they can charge admission, the Burlington allegra-d 24 hour canadian pharmacy hill sits in relative obscurity on city owned King Road. Many veterans of the Moncton canadian pharmacy alinia attraction even believe that Burlington’s version is more powerful with the force of our ‘magnet’ being quite a bit stronger — making for a surprisingly quick ascent.

Do you want to try Magnetic Hill for yourself? It’s easy to do! Just point your GPS or Google Maps to get you to Bayview Park on King Road and I’ll help you the rest of the way. Just follow the 5 steps outlined below and watch our video at the bottom of this post.

Entrance sign to Bayview Park in Burlington, Ontario

  1. There are two parking lots at Bayview Park. Find the northern entrance to the
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    “Leash Free” area.

  2. From the Leash Free area, head north on King Road
  3. You will see the crest of two small hills ahead of you. Drive to the second one. This is Magnetic Hill.
  4. Drive to the bottom of the hill and look for signs what happens when you take viagra on your left marking the hydro right-of-way (pictured below). Drive past this marker and turn around.
  5. Now go south (towards the lake) on King Road and stop at the hydro right-of-way. Put your car in neutral and coast up the hill!
Burlington, Ontario Magnetic Hill hydro right-of-way

The Hydro Right of Way marking the bottom of Magnetic Hill

We recorded this adventure so you can see what it’s all canadian pharmacy tramadol about before going out to astound your family and friends.

Whenever we have visitors in town, we enjoy taking them out to Magnetic Hill so they too can experience their car slowly rolling up the slope and inching it’s way to the top. Although we know that it’s all an optical illusion, it’s fun to play into the fact that it’s a real scientific phenomenon.

If you go out to try Magnetic Hill, please report back here how it worked for you!

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