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Rediscover the Fun of a Public Skate Date | Adventure #2

Public skating at the local arena is a Canadian tradition almost as treasured as hockey itself.

Tim Hortons has realized this and uses it as an opportunity to give back to the community. During the recent winter break, Tim Hortons presented 65 free holiday skating sessions here in Burlington and over 1800 free skates in 140 towns and cities from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island. Toques off to Tim’s!

Tim Hortons Free Holiday Skate at Appleby Ice Centre

While free holiday skating is over for the season, Public Skating continues in arenas across Burlington (and the nation). Check out the City of Burlington Recreational Skating calendar to see when skates are scheduled at an arena near you. Admission is just $2.89 each (plus tax) — a big bargain as far as family outings go.

What kid doesn’t love to watch the Zamboni whip around the rink wishing they could be the one at the steering wheel?

Zamboni cleaning the ice at the Appleby Ice Centre in Burlington

Growing up, my parents would drop off my brother and I at the local arena for Public Skating. Looking back, it was one of our first chances to experience independence meeting up with friends outside of school. We’d take a few laps around the rink, buy some candy and a coke from the snack bar and chat it up in one of two private penalty boxes.

It’s great to see that teens and tots (and adults too) still enjoy a great skate date.

Public Skating with friends is an activity for all ages in Burlington

Will is getting to be a pretty good skater but sometimes starts off a bit wobbly. He regained his confidence with one of the available skate aids. (As an aside, the Santa inflatable seen in the background below must be a sly nod to the fact that Santa arrives in Burlington by helicopter to welcome the holiday season!)

Skating is fun at Appleby Arena in Burlington, Ontario

Baby Burlington can’t skate yet but loved watching the action as Marianne and I took turns on the ice.

Just watching the action at the Appleby Ice Centre is fun

For many skaters and hockey players, a Tim Hortons post-party is a must! That’s how we decided to end this adventure and we weren’t alone — three other families had just come from skating too!

An after-skate donut at Tim Hortons was a popular ideaWhen was the last time you went Public Skating?

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