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How There Came to be Mountain Climbing in Burlington

Many Burlington residents don’t realize that there’s a mountain in their own backyard. But the families who live in the newly developed Alton Village community can’t miss it poised majestically above their homes. And those who live atop this rocky ridge never tire of their expansive view that extends all the way to Toronto.

Mount Nemo
Photo by Jay:Dee

Over 450 million years ago, a shallow tropical sea covered a vast area of Ontario and beyond. Along the shore stood what we know today as Mount Nemo.

This elbow of the Niagara Escarpment in North Burlington is “the most beautiful and best quality rock climbing in the Toronto area” according to the Climbers Guide to Ontario Rock.

View from Mount Nemo, Escarpment Climbing Area, Ontario, Canada
Photo by marie-2008

Mount Nemo is so popular for rock climbing due to it’s unique character and varied climbing on clean vertical cliffs that are 50-80 feet high. Millions of years of erosion have shaped the limestone

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into the distinctive slopes that climbers have come to love today.

Mount Nemo
Photo by notwithstanding

I haven’t attempted rock climbing myself as it requires special equipment and training. But it sounds like fun just from reading the route names… Fat Man’s Honor, Revenge of the Forceps Baby, I Owe a Lot of Money to a Man Named Guido and Dehyrdrated Yuppie Brains are some of my favourite route names at Mount Nemo.

There are many other adventures to be had on Burlington’s Mount Nemo from hiking trails with abundant views to exploring caves and observing wildlife. I’ll be looking at these activities more closely in future posts on Mr Burlington.

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